The Brooklyn Renaissance Story...

                The BKR story begins with the origin of it's name: Brooklyn. Designer CEO, Charles B. Vendercamp moved to Brooklyn NY from the Bronx NY July 2015. Although only an hour and a half away by NYC subway, Brooklyn seemed to be a whole new world in a lot of aspects. Charles V was immediately inspired, by the East Flatbush culture. 

  "As soon as I stepped off the 2 train and unto Nostrand and Ave D, I was hit with a clash of African and Caribbean influence"  Vendercamp recalls the smells of foods and oils and hearing modern African music play from a beauty store, while also hearing Jamaican dancehall music across the street coming from a fruit stand. 

  "I fell in love with Brooklyn instantly, even though I'm from the Bronx, I felt at home in Brooklyn." says Vendercamp.

                 Brooklyn Renaissance Men Pieces, came about through Charles V's internal inspiration. 

  "The definition of Renaissance is an ART PERIOD, and while walking through Nostrand Ave, that's what I felt! I wanted to design a bold and strong product that our people and even cultures outside of our people could carry with them anywhere."

               The CEO also wants to start a brand that will follow young men into adulthood. Sophisticated timeless pieces that tell stories, hold souls, and can be passed down from generation to generation. 

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